H2H #4: The Stewart Poison Ivy Mousetrap


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Too much to read. Can somebody please tell me if there will be a(nother) pre-ride before H2H at Stewart?
Depends on how long it takes to remove the hundred or so trees that are down at Stewart, and also on how many of those trees are on our race loop. Hopefully we'll know soon and will post up some details.


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If you have a trail day this weekend to clear trails, I’d be happy to help.
We have been in contact with the crew from stewards of Stewart to offer our help, however it's not so simple when it comes to operating chainsaws in a state park. Metric ton of rules and requirements.


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hummm... might do this again.. loved the Stewart 45 last years.. I'm on the fattie soooooo...moneys worth with the endurance for the fat dude or Fat bike race? I'm no David Taylor and doing both but wish I was. He's dreamy.