Group Ride Saturday Chimney Rock


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Yes that's right, group ride this Saturday 10/21 at Chimney Rock.
Meeting at 9am in BALLFIELD PARKING LOT.

This is an intermediate ride which will be somewhat technical due to rocks, elevation and large mountain lions. We will probably split into smaller groups to keep rides as flowing as possible with the emphasis on fun.

Chime in if you can make it or even if you can't.

Time: 9:00am
Date: 10/21
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I’m not an intermediate rider but I like the challenge, if I fall behind I’ll turn round.
Gonna try and start off at least ...
Mike, you'll be fine on the white trail and a nice chunk of stuff by the ball fields. I think you can do red and blue as well.

I'm super bummed that I can't make this one. But I'll be in MD at my sons first college swim meet...soooo. Whatcha gonna do?

Good luck!