Group Ride 2/9 Stephens


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It's February, we didn't forget about you, let's ride bikes next Saturday the 9th at Stephen's. Reggie, the beloved Mayor of Mooch, MoM, has offered to lead a Group ride at the park voted trails with most flow in North Jersey. It offers a little climbing, some tech and a lot of roll.

Outdoor temperature, like age, is just a number, if you are ready and have the right attitude, it will not effect your fun. Looking ahead to next Saturday, I don't see polar vortex cold, so come on out. If you don't have winter gear, let us know what you need, someone may have spare stuff you could borrow.
Also, if you know the park, let me know if you can help lead or sweep rides.

When: Saturday, February 9th, 9:00am
Where : Stephen's State Park
Parking: Iron Gate
Kinney Rd
New Jersey


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Really? When I think of brutal climbs, places like Mooch North and Round Valley come to mind. Stephens has climbing but nothing too steep or long. In any case we will break into groups if necessary so folks can find a fun pace.
Totally optional, especially from where you're parking, which seems to be the popular spot - for good reason. You can get plenty of elevation from there, but the climbs are generally mellow grades. Parking off of 517 at the actual park entrance can yield some tough climbs, as can taking some older, less traveled alternatives in other parts of the park. Overall one of my favorite parks.