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If your not in a hurry watch ebay or craiglist for canti cross frames or bikes, brand new ones pop up cheap because everyone wants disc these days. While my race cross bikes are disc my winter training bike for the past 4-5 years has been a canti cross bike. I use mine for gravel, mtb trails and on fast group rides on the road, even with cross gearing and file tread tires I have yet to encounter a time that I got dropped because the speed was too fast on a road group ride.
Lots of nice options in this thread. I've been riding the E5 version of the diverge for almost a year now. First real road/gravel style bike ive put a good amount of miles on (both on and offroad) and i love it. Consider the steel Specialized Sequoia for a less racier geo and more mounts for bags, fenders and such.


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Shop: Hilltop Bicycles
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I want the pink one pretty bad. It may be my gift to myself if I actual complete the base race and loose 20lbs.
We've done a few of the pink ones as custom builds. Personally, I like the double for mixed terrain use because the gaps in gearing are closer together making it easier to find a good rhythm.


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Really hard to a rogue against a Diverge... great bike, on and off road. One of my riding buddies was on one this weekend for a 70 mile road ride and he seemed to have no trouble maintaining pace with the rest of us on regular road bikes, except for maybe the steepest of climbs.... and that was after a lot of miles in the legs. I think that maybe it was just a knock-on effect of the added weight from the bigger/treadier tires over time. Normally, on his normal road bike, he has no trouble keeping up.

If you're riding the road a lot it might be worthwhile to swap on some try road tires or a different set of wheels.


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all seriousness though, im interested in what you might pick up. i know i have something in the works too but will release that info when it comes to life. :)

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just keep grinding! you're putting in the that i think of it, you should of kept that ECR but i know we cant foresee the future
True, it was pretty heavy though. But that being said I have really missed it the last month, especially in the single speed configuration.


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The giant revolt looks like a pretty cool bike. Here is my diverge in action. 1x di2 added a Easton power meter as well. Sometimes I wish it had a 2x setup. Highly recommend 700x38c tires though.

If I could only own one bike this would be it.


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I was just in the market for a gravel bike and I like the Giant Revolt a lot but I came across a deal I just couldn't pass up so I took that instead, a NOS 2017 Trek CrossRip 2.