Glen Park Final Round Throwdown Enduro 11/12/17

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  1. DanBrodeen

    DanBrodeen Active Member

    Stroudsburg, PA
    Enduro racing heats up as the temps fall this November with the Glen Park Final Round Throw-down on November 12th 2017! Five signature PBC stages of Glen Park goodness will challenge racers as they chase final points for the Mid Atlantic Super Series overall. Equal cash payout for men and women pro/open classes with medals/swag for amateur classes. Stick around after the race for post race refreshments from Oskar Blues Brewery and some recovery worthy grub. Series overall awards will follow race awards. Visit to sign up today!
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  2. Ryan.P

    Ryan.P Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

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  3. Ian F

    Ian F Well-Known Member

    I'm in - Sat & Sun.

    Fightin' for DFL in 45+ :D
  4. muddybike

    muddybike Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    In with a grin!
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  5. UtahJoe

    UtahJoe Team Workhorse Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Great work yesterday...That was an awesome race, course was fun...the transfer back up the hill was downright pleasant compared to the other enduro I did at MC....Chili was fantastic....Good times, ill definitely come back again.
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  6. V-Dub

    V-Dub Member

    North Jerz
    What he said! One of my favorite races of the year, great trails, well run and a good vibe. Looking forward to next year.
  7. Ian F

    Ian F Well-Known Member

    Fun race, although the pizza and chili were long gone by the time many of us old farts finished.

    Unfortunately, I ran into technical issues that kept me from pre-running all of the courses on Sat and only managed 3 and 1.

    I was doing fine until stage 4... when every other rock on the course was a drop... and I roll up to one after the gully and realize it's not a drop - it's a gap jump. But my speed was for a drop more than a jump. Tried to huck over it and it didn't go well. Sat on the side of the trail for about 3 minutes as I tried to decide if I was still in one piece enough to continue. And reattached my timing chip which somehow got ripped off my wrist. Stage 5 was painful. I'm still really sore today... Would have been DFL except another friend flatted at the top of Stage 5 and had to walk most of the stage.

    @UtahJoe - the transfer was downright pleasant compared to the Spring event where the climb was greasy and it felt like every pedal stroke resulted in 75% movement.

    A few of us are pondering going there on the Friday after Thanksgiving to ride the trails again.
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  8. graveyardman67

    graveyardman67 Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Boom! This was awesome. Just sayin'
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  9. DanBrodeen

    DanBrodeen Active Member

    Stroudsburg, PA
    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! 30 pizzas was just not enough with the cold weather. There will be more pizza and chili next time around! Appreciate all of you crossing the river to support our scene. Hit me up if you are coming to ride the Glen!
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