FunMondays @ Chimney Rock


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Glenn is going to wear his weighted vest, so there is a chance.
And, you only felt "back" because of losing sight, timewise, it was never very long.

now if the rain will hold off.
I will bring cement to put in Glenn's tires... Glenn's no-tubes.

Thanks. I just didn't want folks to lose 4 minutes of daylight and .548 miles of riding

If it rains, I am going to sit on a big rock and enjoy it.


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Mayor McCheese
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I'll be there between 5 and 5:30.
I'll be there at 4:00 to take my 4-5:00 call in the car. Then I am going to saunter up around blue to do a little pre-Funday TM that needs doing. I'll be back at the lot at 5:30.

IDK what time I'll head out, sometime between 4:30 and 5:00 I imagine. You can find me on the outer edge of blue today if you get there and I'm not in the lot.

D will join us at 5:30 in the lot.