FunMondays @ Chimney Rock


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Maybe tomorrow. Probably next week.
WFH on Mon and Fri starts tomorrow (thanks NJTranshit). Mrs MadisonDan ran her iPhone over today, so I may need to take care of that tomorrow. Everything works but the phone part.

Pro tip:
To turn an iPhone 6 into an iPod touch, run it over with a Mini Countryman in a gravel parking lot.

Side note... screen is 100% ok.

Glenn Rides After 4 PM CST

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Not sure if I'm going to make it tonight.
I have to install and bleed my brake caliper on the SL
I guess it depends on if parts are there when I get home.
Or just say F it and go ride.
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Just a heads up the wooden boardwalk at the end of the white trail is no more. I think I was the last person across it this morning. They starting removing it today to make way for a new bridge that is going to span the entire marshy area. So that crossing is impassible. Gotta take the red trail and pop out by Stavola to get to the orange and yellow.


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Think the bridge still may be there. Friend of mine was there this afternoon and took a pic of it. They had their excavator buried in the mud this morning so I guess getting it unstuck kept them busy today. I guess check it out for yourselves.