fun Fridays ride 2018


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sorry to hear that @knobbyhead!.

i have downloaded two routes for maholn fromt he trail directory to my garmin, we have a route to follow this time!

please let us know if you are coming, if you end up running a bit late we need to know to wait!


everyone else still in?


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I still plan to be there. I have not slept well (the story of my life) this week, but I might just drug myself up tonight so I can get in a good ride tomorrow. If I wake up unable to function though, I'll let you know so you aren't waiting.


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Oh crap. I am checking the weather and it's supposed to be like 15 when we start, and maybe low 20s by the time we are done. I might bail on this. 20 and below just hurts me! Unless someone has 45nrth bar mitts for me to use :) I didn't order mine cause I figured spring is right around the corner!