Fun Friday BONUS RIDE!


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Team MTBNJ Halter's

it looks like ill be working a short day on friday and im going to be hitting harthsorne on my way home (1400) lower lot on navesink ave, this gives us good access to Huber woods as well should we decide that more trails are needed.

we will be keeping an eye on the weather and if it turns a final call will be made my 1300 on Friday

I may join this if home early enough and conditions permit... I mean it is in my backyard.


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I might join you guys if that’s cool. Trying to start putting names with faces on here... also never ridden Hartshorne so I could use a tour guide.

If you see a small bearded guy looking confused, that’s probably me.


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i'm going to pass after today's journey. more because of the 2 hours+ driving time for a 'fair' park
This will prevent w1f3 backlash.