Frozen water main - suggestions?


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I was thinking that at dinner tonight. What if there was a screwup and the water was shutoff, was that tested for?

Funnier would be Sean talking to his neighbor and the neighbor saying something like "Yeah, the utility says they'll have the street's water main fixed tomorrow, I can't wait to take a shower again."


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I'm starting to think that maybe Sean just forgot to pay his water bill.
Cut to 2:30 in the morning, and I've got my head in the meter pit, wrangling the vice grips onto the penta-nut to check just that. Yup. Bill's been paid.
Cold water in my buttcrack
Arm barely reaches
Morning, noon and night, this sucks


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Would love to try this, but we're outta cable. To do parallel, we'd need another of the set we cobbled together today. We've got spark, I've got beer...
well - its the morning. and i'm thinking it is a fail.
bothered me all night that the clamps did not warm up, even a bit. I have no idea why the resistance would be so high. length of pipe?


parallel doesn't require both connection be hooked to the pipe - using the jumpers pole-to-pole at the head unit would have worked......

100' of 1" PB, couple of fittings and a ditch witch, 100' trace wire, blue warning tape.
Rotary hammer, couple of pipe wrenches, torch, mortar mix
case of beer, 4 pizzas, videographer (going live)
ambulance, lawyer

the big question is whether to follow the old line, which goes under walls, but has a predictable depth.