Forest Stewardship Plan for Weldon Brook WMA

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    JORBA has been acting as a representative for the Mountain Bike community to the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife for several years. This effort has helped us maintain, and expand access to Wildlife Management Area (WMA) trails. These lands have been preserved primarily to, maintain water quality and provide habitat for wildlife, including endangered species. Unlike state parks, which are developed and funded for recreation, WMA’s are managed with a priority on wildlife. By working within the confines of the NJDEP review process, JORBA has been given the opportunity to develop and maintain trails compatible with the management and primary uses of these lands.

    In an effort to increase protection for an endangered bird, the Golden-Winged Warbler, the NJDEP has initiated a “Forest Stewardship Plan” for Weldon Brook WMA. The implementation of this plan is going to bring change to this area, and will impact trail users. The plan was created by an environmental firm that performed a thorough study of the area and identifies both past and recent trail activity in the WMA.

    We encourage those of you who use this park to review the plan so that you are aware of the work that is proposed and can share the information with others. The plan is available at the following link:

    The DEP will be looking for cooperation from the mountain bike community in honoring implementation of the plan which will likely include trail closures. We may be able to offset the loss by obtaining approval for new trails compatible with the plan. If you would like to be part of the JORBA team providing input to NJDEP regarding trails in the Weldon Brook WMA, please contact us at: wildcat at jorba dot org.

    With your support, JORBA can work to maintain access and create quality trails in WMAs throughout the State. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as it is important to maintaining and strengthening the positive relationship JORBA has with NJDEP..
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    There is no need to start a social media blitz, or storm the castle with multi-tools in hand. We are not in the position to rebut the closure of trails built without approval. But sometimes setbacks like this provide new opportunities.
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    What the hell does this mean? They're closing trails or we have an opportunity to create some
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    Unless you suffer from insomnia and you're looking for a cure don't bother reading the report. Here's the bike related info:

    Other recreational uses, such as mountain biking, hiking, nature observation, and others are permitted within the WMA, so long as those activities are compatible with hunting, angling, and wildlife management activities. Given that the activities recommended within this Plan are being undertaken to improve habitat for wildlife (with the focal species being GWWA, an endangered species), the Division anticipates the opportunity to educate such users on forestry and wildlife management.
    The Division expects possible impacts to mountain biking and hiking experiences on the former Blue Heron Road to be minimal. This is because most of the land adjacent to said road is contained within buffers for Category 1 waters, for which consideration has already been given.
    The Division expects greater impact to mountain biking and hiking experiences along the former Pascoe Road, primarily in an area identified as Stand 1-1-2 northwest of the utility rights-of-way. This area contains some of the best opportunities for GWWA habitat improvement projects due to the presence of advance oak regeneration, limited competing understory vegetation, and proximity to wetlands. Steps considered to minimize negative interactions include posting educational material at the gates on Blue Heron Road and Pascoe Road explaining GWWA and the actions being taken by the Division to save GWWA; posting copies of maps produced during the production of this Plan at entry points and the Division website to let users know what other trails are available; development of self-guiding interpretive trails through the WMA; and encouraging use of the WMA by local schools, user groups, and conservation and wildlife organizations as a “living laboratory” or “outdoor classroom.”
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    I think there is other information in there worthy of reading.....for example... there will be some if yo know that ahead of time..there is no need to freak out because it is limited and for implementation of the plan...not development or profit.
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    There is also talk of prescribed burns.

    The main area affected will be the trail that heads to the right from Blue Heron towards the Antenna and Saffins Pond.

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