First time going to Kittatiny - where to ride?

Hey all,

My buddy and I are looking to ride here Friday morning/afternoon. I wanted to go someplace I've never been and he wanted someplace flowy without too much climbing (although some is okay). We are looking to put in about 8 - 15 miles or so.

Any recommendations on where to park, what trails to take, how to loop it, screen shots of strava rides, etc. that may make our first time here smoother would be appreciated!

Also, does this place drain reasonably well, don't want to go to a mud pit since other places will be drying out by Friday. Also are there as many bears as the other threads on here would make me believe?



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Park in the lot off Goodale Rd. It's all pretty fun and hard to get truly lost. There are trails on both sides of Goodale. It's not that big - you can ride the whole place in under 2 hours. It generally drains pretty well. Unless they get a ton of rain today, should be pretty good by Friday. I'm not on Strava, so can't help with loops. I usually cross Goodale and warm up with the nice climb up to the cell tower then cross back over to the "main" side and hit some combo of White, Red and Blue trails. Good food and brewskis at Salt Gastropub in Stanhope afterwards.


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Thanks that's perfect. Looks hard to get lost, like a lewis morris?
You're always less than 10 minutes from the parking lot.

The east side of the park has some spots that hold water a bit, but you should be good by Friday. Other than one real climb (3 Bumps), this side is pretty tame but has more miles.

The west side of the park has the one big climb (up to the cell tower) with different options of getting up there. This is a subjective opinion, but I prefer the Yellow up and the Red down. There are also a few trails on the east side of the rail bed. Those are fun as well.

@fidodie's MTBNJ group ride loop is a nice loop. Gets you to see a lot of the fun stuff in their.
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i could make 930 if thats still what your planning an you want company. No im not local to KVSP, but iv been there a few times and i have maps.