First bike tour


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Hello all!

I’ve just returned from my first bike tour. I figured since this week I had off, (fall recess as they call it) this was my attempt to get my feet wet in bike touring. I’ve been doing my research and talking to people for months about touring; asking countless questions, and reading lots of articles. The plan was somewhere far but not too far due to time and bring solo on my first trip. I figured I’d ride from the shore to New Hope Pa. I’d stay there a night the head north to the bushkill falls. Stay there and ride to North Bergen NJ. Stay over and then take the ferry to Belford. Finally head home.

Day 1. My bike (aka salsa Verdi) was all packed and I was off to good start, until I hit Trenton. That was a pretty sketchy area due to all the activity. I hit the D&R Canal path for most of the ride until I arrived in Lambertville just beating the rain. I stored my bike in the hotel and Uber’s to the triumph brewery.

Day 2. I left early heading north to the bushkill falls. What a incredible ride. The mountains were hypnotizing and beautiful. There was a decent amount of climbing and with a load it does wear on you. But the scenery was worth it.

Day 3. It was very chilly, like 25 and flurries. I was off to cross the most northern part of state. Another gorgeous ride! The climbing seemed to go up and up and up and down then back up. My hopes of making it there before dark dissipated after 5. The last 15 miles were in the dark with lights. Riding through the city was awesome but you have to be overly attentive! There were a few point where I wound up at roads that different exist and found myself lost, but a text from @David Taylor pointed me back on track.

Day 4. I left North Bergen earlier to catch the Belford ferry home. It was extremely wind like 20+ gusts. Luckily, it was at back. Finally, I made it home!

I was prepared!
Getting lost in stokes state forest for 2 mi in the single track with a touring bike is not suggested.
Always have chargers on hand that are fully charged.
Talk to people, they can be fun!
Bring music or talk to your bike.
Live it up and smile because that’s what life is about!

320 mi
24hr 33 min
16,713 elevation


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Great stuff Tony!! Awesome you saw this through!! Looks like you were at Bushkill at the perfect time...that stream/waterfall pic with the colors is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!


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Nice trip, thanks for the pics! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Do you have a GPS track of your route?


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Awesome experience to read about! Where did you stay night 2 & 3? The timing looks perfect for a great experience. It’s funny how sometimes the pain can be overcome by your surroundings. I can only imagine what it takes to mentally break away from life to accomplish this expedition. Glad to see you had a great time. I was looking forward to each days update!


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Looks awesome. I haven't bike toured in awhile, you're making me want to do it again. Not in this weather though. :)


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Excellent adventure,and write up
cooler weather (falls and winter) is my favorites times to do bike packing,no flies no heat no sweat and no bears.
Winter riding in forest is a solitude and you'll learn how to survive the element
Kudos to you!