Essex Rail Trail Cleanup, April 2, 0900, riders requested

The Essex rail trail that connects you know what to you know where and has some things off it that amuse many needs your help on April 1

There's an official clean up along that trail and cyclists showing up and pitching in is a dead easy way to show that we do make a positive impact when we show up

Meet up at 0900 and bring a bunch of shopping bags to fill w cans bottled junk debris litter, leave them along the rail trail for dpw to collect

Pass this on to your crew, no easier way to give back

To participate please contact

Volunteers must sign a waiver and be at least 12 years old. Waivers for minors under 18 must be signed by parent/guardian.
Email me and I'll send a waiver

Walk-ins are also welcome! Long pants, work boots and gloves are recommended. Bring your reusable water bottle, and walk, bike or carpool to the event. Rain Date: April 2nd.
Meeting location by boogaloo or Kashmir, if you ride here you know the place. If you don't, just email

If you want to do a clean up elsewhere along the trail, just do it, every bit of junk cleaned up by cyclists is another demonstration of just one of the benefits of including us
shameless bump to make sure that all the riders who regularly ride thru this area can't give all us hard working folks the "gosh i didn't know you were doing a clean up today" look

don't be that rider fumbling for a really good reason why you can't help a bit, instead send out this notice to everyone so they'll either steer clear or pitch in!
news flash!!!!

rain causes trail clean up date change, it's now happening on Sunday at 0900, all the other stuff still applies, title just updated

If you are out in the saturday downpour and you do some trail clean up, your effort still counts towards giving back

(please don't ride this area if it's sloppy, there will likely be lots of folks coming out on sunday who may see tracks as a total scofflaw move, that makes for super bad optics)
The environmental commissions from Verona and Cedar Grove organized a very successful cleanup of the West Essex Rail Trail on Sunday. Local Public Works Departments and Essex County Parks provided trucks, tools and supplies and sent several employees to help. The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission donated trash bags and work gloves.

Every day people enjoy this linear park that connects the Hilltop Reservation with Mills Reservation and Sunday was spring cleaning by about 70 volunteers. In addition to adults and students for MSU and NJIT, the local youth bicycle team helped out and before long, trucks were hauling away six full loads of trash from years of accumulation. Car tires, metal fencing and pipes, cinder blocks, lawn chairs, metal drums, cardboard, bottles, cans, broken glass, car batteries, school bus seats and even a refrigerator were removed from the woods.

The West Essex Rail Trail crosses a trestle over the Peckman River. NJWAP Watershed Ambassador Carolyn Rubinfeld gave a guided tour to the river after the cleanup, focused on the trail’s history, the Peckman River and its tie to the Passaic River, pollution, and why this cleanup is so critical.

The trail still has areas where large items need to be dragged out of the woods and there's likely a few more cans and bottles hiding under leaves, but today marked an important turning point. Public Works and Essex County Parks are planning to go back during regular business hours to collect six more piles of garbage that volunteers collected today and other items too large to move by hand, such as a stone roller.

Trail users are encouraged to lend a hand with the ongoing cleanup by carrying a shopping bag to collect any items missed by the spring cleaning