Downed Trees - Hazard 8/24


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Hey all, so normally I'm not one too post this but this has to do with safety and as it almost took me out (and I'm not one to only look 5ft in front of my tire, it may really hurt someone else) Top of Blue trail at the start of Strava segment " Fast Fun flow trail", right at the base of that first rock drop.

Put up small branches on the high line which is blind for us who gap this section, right line is rideable up to the tree since it's in line of sight. Hope we helped save others.

Also a tree down on the Strava segment "rock rumble through the field", just before a steep incline, think it's also a blue trail, near the lake. Not a tree you can bunny hop over, or else I'd never be mentioning it.


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The tree in your picture is no longer an issue.

The left side is now a "pro line". There are some slates propped up to ride over the tree. The right side portion of the tree has been cut and removed.