Dayton Ohio Area Trails


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I will be out in Ohio for Thanksgiving and will be looking to get some rides in. So far I have researched three parks that i would like to ride. Duke Park which is outside of Dayton, in a town of Troy, John Bryan State park and MetroPark mountain biking area. Has anyone been to any of these parks?


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If you're driving out there you'll pass pretty close to Mohican State Park in Loudonville where the Mohican 100 is held. That is a must ride trail system. 25 miles of pure singletrack bliss.


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I lived out in Ohio over the summer. I rode at Metroparks twice. It is a very well built trail system and is well maintained. You wont get rocks like in Northern NJ but it is still fun. It is a small area with a bunch of trails. If you ride every trail once you can get about twelve miles in.

Also definitely check out Mohican if you happen to pass by. That was my favorite place I got to ride at by far in Ohio.