D&Q Summer Sizzler 2018 (MASS)


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Where are you guys riding down there that attract so many ticks? lol...I didn't think there was much brush overlapping the trails. Much less than central/north jersey.


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last night i picked him up at allaire, but i have found them after rides at jungle, mooch, chimney rock, tourne and hartshorne as well, they are EVERYWHERE in this state unfortunately, so its best to cover your ass. I spray all my clothes periodically and i spray myself with deet (off deep woods) at the trail head before every ride.

I actually caught one of those lone star ticks crawling up my leg at allaire about 2 weeks ago . . . it was a reminder to retreat the clothes.


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Pre-registration closes at midnight. On site day-of registration is available but will cost you $10 more. https://www.bikereg.com/dqsummersizzler

Since the race is on 7/1/18, what a great way to start Halter's Cycles 31/31 Contest. You will also be supporting #morekidsonbikes as all funds raised will be donated to NJ NICA League and the Camden County Crew NICA team.

Going to be hot, so thinking of the safety of racers, volunteers and spectators, all start times have been moved up by 30 minutes and are correct on the Bikereg link above.

If you've participated at the Sizzler in the past, there's a new look this year as the course is running in reverse. Rode it last night and it flows real good.

As has been mentioned in earlier posts, protect yourself from ticks. I'll also add, be aware of the poison ivy.
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I’m assuming this course will be a lot like Bridgeton CX?
Haven't seen the Bridgeton CX course, so can't compare. It's relatively flat with short, punchy climbs. Lots of roots. Mostly ST, some DT and a grass field for start/finish area.

Here's my ride from last night, 2 laps of the race course Start and end of my ride is the parking area. Start/finish area will be near the Fine Arts Center. https://www.strava.com/activities/1666656414