CX Skills Sessions (Unofficial)- Back to Basics - Tuesdays in Madison


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So I did this the last 2 years as part of a training plan, and I think it helped. Well, it didn't hurt, so we'll do it again. @The Heckler @Harry Hamilton @Santapez @MissJR @StayHydrated @chuprinko and @rsinger814
were there last year, as well as a few other guys from Madison. Some experienced, others complete beginners.

When: Tuesdays at 6:45pm, starting on July 11th. 45-60 minute sessions, as daylight permits, subject to NJ Transit delays.

Where: Alternating between Niles Park, Madison HS/MRC, and the field on Rosedale Ave just after the Madison Community Pool. (all subject to change)

What: We will mix up 3-4 of the following BASIC bike handling skills each week:
  • Tight slalom cornering
  • Tight figure 8 cornering drills
  • Short hill run ups
  • Off camber riding
  • 100-200 meter starts
  • Fast open cornering
  • Dismount & run around a corner (BOTH DIRECTIONS!!!)
  • Barriers barriers barriers barriers barriers, and maybe a few barriers.

Helmet required. Ride what you brung.

This is not associated with any shop, team, organization at any local, state, national, global, or intergalactic level. Ride at your own risk.


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ooohhh... if steve brings my bike and gear, i'll change at work and he can pick me up at the train station. :D