Chimney Rock Conditions


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There is also a small, dirt parking lot on Gilbride east of the concrete bridge and north of the road. There you are across the street from the Yellow trailhead and just west on the other side of the Gilbride concrete bridge is an Orange trailhead.
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rode blue and red last night. this was my first time at CR and couldn't for the life of me make my way over to yellow/orange. I crossed the CR road, ended up in a river and followed a trail to nowhere. had to turn back and ride red again.

blue is a little muddy. lots of ruts. Red is nice and dry. overall a nice change of pace from Allaire.

It's raining now but hit me up sometime. Maybe we could pull off a dawn patrol on a Saturday. I've got this place pretty clocked.


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thoughts on ridability tomorrow morning? So long as it doesn't rain any further I'm thinking reds and blues will be fine. Thanks
@Kirt ?
Not positive but I can't imagine it being bad. Might be a bit wet and slick but I'd go for it. Better that LM. :)
On the white trail next to the water hole that used to be a mine. You may smell ol lunchy munchy before ya see him.
Only did blue, white and red today. Saving my legs for Thorpe. It was dawn patrol so i beat the real rain. It was damp where usually dry and wet where usuallydamp. Blue is a shit show in the lower areas. I think if it doesn't get too many tires today it'll tighten up pretty quick. Everything is growing and that's the key.
Hugs and kisses.
Hi Kirt!
Rode CR yesterday. Outer Blue and inner Blue were pretty good, didn't even think of riding lower Blue. Rode Middle Red, usual wet areas were wet, and a couple more areas, but not bad. On to Orange, only wet area was the usual spot at very top from guardrail climb, but that's so rocky there's no mud. Didn't do Buttermilk and switchback climb, but the old way down to Gilbride was fine. Rode Yellow up to 4-way, rain started to fall so we decided to turn around and head back. White had it's usual wet areas but it wasn't bad either. Rain stopped and rode big Red, and it was fine. Got a decent amount of soaking rain yesterday so I bagged today's ride.


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I rode red and blue this morning and it was really good. Great weather, Mostly tacky dirt, but yes still some muddy areas to be treated gently. Avoided both lower sections, assume those are in bad shape.


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wuz there for 10 mins till my rear sus seals blew
looked pretty good for what I saw on white
saw @jumpa there as I was leaving, maybe he'll have a more complete report
Low lying areas are fairly mudy, especially the ones under tree coverage getting no sun to dry them out. Everything else looks good. Ride easy through the wet spots and you should be ok.

Did you manage to sort out your shock?


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How does it look for Sunday AM? Here in Freehold we had 3/4 inch of rain in 30 minutes.
did dawn patrol this morning, ridwable but not great. Overall a 2.5

yellow and red ok, orange still pretty wet especially up by top of guard rail. Nicked where I could but hard in the flat areas


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I stayed on red this morning, avoided lower trail. It was a split 60/20/20 good/marginal/bad. Middle red was the worst segment. Rated it a 2, and I owe extra TM this season.