Ceres, CCC, and MikeP

Arwen's Mom

Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains

So Mr Arwen's Mom and I headed out to CCC and Ceres this morning for a tour lead by MikeP.

He is a swell fella! and we really enjoyed riding with him.

CCC is a lot of fun, those guys have done some really nice work. The trails there are awesome and the Mr. even admitted to liking CCC more than Allaire (and you all know how much he loves Allaire)

As much as I liked CCC, I think I like Ceres more. Its like a playground for your bike. All my bike could do when he got in the van was ask when we are going back again.

Ceres has a strange attraction to me. Besides smelling lovely (pine trees) I want to go there and just play on my bike. And learn to ride all those...toys...

We were also guided for a short time by Mike T (another cool character).

I will have videos up soon...


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Never been to CCC but Ceres park is a blast I thought it is a lot like HartsHorne. I will be back there for sure..


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Glad you liked it and great job riding the 6" wide skinny at CCC. Ceres is where the big boys play as you can see from the size of some of the jumps and features.