Can you believe THIS old and still ride a bike!?

Discussion in 'General Bike Talk' started by MMuller, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. MMuller

    MMuller Well-Known Member

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  2. Dingo

    Dingo Well-Known Member

    55 is old? @Mitch help me out here.
  3. Mitch

    Mitch Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    I just peaked at 55
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  4. MMuller

    MMuller Well-Known Member

    I'm 56 and sarcastic as ever.....
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  5. mustclime

    mustclime Active Member

    Felling young at 54......
  6. Frank

    Frank Sasquatch

    55 and very much alive!!
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  7. ilnadi

    ilnadi Well-Known Member

    CLinton, NJ
    wait a minute, I am 56 and ride a 20-yr old bike (now SS)
    I think it's more the son than the father. that does not look like a guy who pulled out a bike he has not ridden in 20 yrs.
  8. Mildly Wild

    Mildly Wild Active Member

    Little Falls NJ
    Just turned 64. Riding as often and as well as ever.
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  9. MMuller

    MMuller Well-Known Member

    57 in August and started the year off right with @SmooveP at Allaire.
    Marc Allaire NYD (002).jpg
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  10. w_b

    w_b Well-Known Member

    central jersey
    steal my face
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  11. 1sh0t1b33r

    1sh0t1b33r Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Orange County, NY
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  12. rlb

    rlb Well-Known Member

    Fuck reddit! And I'm not even old like you guys.
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  13. Monkey Soup

    Monkey Soup Angry Wanker

    North Jersey
    My son and I skied with my 77yr old father today, I think he has this guy beat. He also still does the xc ski thing.
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  14. Kaleidopete

    Kaleidopete Well-Known Member

    Moe Mountain
    That's not a Shitbike, it's a Softride!:D
    See how it makes me smile!

    Park girl ride.jpg
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  15. Dingo

    Dingo Well-Known Member

  16. Dingo

    Dingo Well-Known Member

    I'm almost, not yet 58. My junk still works.
    Have a new bike on order, 3 months so far, I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas.
    Pic enclosed of my junk, bought brand new in 1974.

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  17. giff06

    giff06 Well-Known Member

    toms river,NJ
    65 and headed out the door @ St Simons Isle in Georgia for a MTB tandem ride with my lovely bride of 44 years! Its all good!
    Ed and Pat
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  18. rick81721

    rick81721 Well-Known Member

    59 in 3 months. Best shape of my life right now
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  19. barneyjnz

    barneyjnz New Member

    Mo County
    I was very scared of what pic of your "junk" was going to pop on screen...:)
  20. Ian F

    Ian F Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if the OP is serious... you really think 55 is old? o_O

    At 47, I am one of the youngest on Team XXL. We have a couple of guys over or near 60. They can often ride me into the ground.
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