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Discussion in 'General Bike Talk' started by NJ-XC-Justin, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. NJ-XC-Justin

    NJ-XC-Justin KY-DH-Freddy

    God help me. Sold the road bike, selling the 26 SS and selling the 26 full suss. Finishing the basement and need just one bike to rule them all -- riding trails and riding around town with the 6 year old. So although I love me some squish, a 29er hardtail is probably my best bet.

    Anyhoo, after selling the three bikes and a high-end 26er wheelset, I'll probably have $1,500-$2k to spend. I was set to walk into Westwood Cycle or Piermont Bike Connection and pick me out the nicest 29er HT I can afford, and then saw this on MTBR:

    I've heard these EBBs can be creaky, but this just seems like a crazy good deal. Steel frame, nice brakes and nice fork -- kinda what I was hoping to build or buy new. Though I plan to run this with a 1x9 setup, so is the EBB is a band idea?

    Advice and recommendations welcome. Thx -
  2. Robson

    Robson Well-Known Member

    Bergen County
    I would look at Niner MCR 9 or SIR 9
  3. Fogerson

    Fogerson Former Resident Nerd

    Portland OR
    Can't go wrong with one of these. Ping our man jdog at Halter's... Dunno how close to your budget you can come if you want a suspension fork, but it is such a great frame it is worth a chat.
  4. 6thElement

    6thElement Member

    That ad is definitely cheap.

    If it were me with that budget I'd be looking at the Salsa El Mariachi.
  5. gtluke

    gtluke The Moped Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Two Bridges
    1 bike to rule them all and I would absolutely get a steel HT 29er
  6. mattybfat

    mattybfat The White Shadow Team MTBNJ Halter's

    You maybe changing that comment soon ;)
  7. caferacer

    caferacer Member

    i'm looking for a frame to build up. If it's steel, I want a 9 or transition transAM 29.
  8. jdog

    jdog Shop: Halter's Cycles Shop Keep

    My pick..

    This is my pick for do it all bike.

    This frame can easily be run ss or geared and for the asking price.

    For $1949 you get stan's rims, a thru axle reba and a nice Frameset to boot.

    Not the cheapest for sure, but a nice solid, reliable bike.

    $599 for the frame.

    We commited big time to this one. We have them in every size.

    The XS even fits Mandi!!

    Frame Salsa El Mariachi, Proprietary Kung Fu CroMoly
    Color Slate Blue
    Weight XS = 27.2 lbs (12330 grams), M = 27.6 lbs (12510 grams), XL = 28.0 lbs (12710 grams)
    Crankset SRAM S1000, 26/39T, GXP
    Chainring SRAM 26/39T
    Bottom Bracket SRAM GXP
    Chain SRAM PC1030
    Cassette Sram PG-1050, 12-36T
    Front Derailleur SRAM X7, 2 x 10, Low Clamp, Dual Pull
    Rear Derailleur SRAM X9, 10-Speed, Mid Cage, Gray
    Fork RockShox Reba RL 29er, 15mm Maxle, Tapered Steerer, Black/Blue, Custom for Salsa
    Headset Cane Creek 40-Series ZS44 / EC44, Black
    Handlebar Salsa Pro Moto 2, 11-Degree Flat, 31.8mm, Black
    Stem Salsa Pro Moto 2, 31.8mm, Black
    Stem Sizes SM = 90mm, MD = 100mm, LG = 110mm, XL = 120mm
    Grips Salsa Juegos de Fuegos
    Front Brake SRAM Elixir 5, 185mm, 6-Bolt
    Rear Brake SRAM Elixir 5, 160mm, 6-Bolt
    Brake Levers SRAM Elixir 5
    Tires Continental X-King 29 x 2.2", Folding Bead
    Front Shifter SRAM X-7 Trigger, 2 x 10
    Rear Shifter SRAM X-7 Trigger, 10-Speed
    Seatpost Salsa Pro Moto 2, 27.2mm
    Seatclamp Salsa Lip-Lock, Pewter
    Saddle WTB Pure V w/ Salsa Logo
    Front Hub Formula, 15mm Thru-Axle, Sealed Cartrdidge, 32H, Pewter
    Rear Hub Formula, Double Sealed Cartridge, 32H, Pewter
    Quick Release Front: SRAM Maxle 15mm; Rear: Formula QR
    Spokes DT Swiss, Competition, Butted 2.0/1.8, Black
    Nipples DT Swiss, Brass ProLock
    Rims Stan's Arch 29er, 32H
  9. woody

    woody Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Bridgewater, NJ
    No can do - this is a SS-specific frame. (no derailleur hanger)
  10. loggerhead

    loggerhead Member

    morris county
    Wow, I had no idea these hardtail 29 er's could be so heavy.:hmmm:
  11. Brian Snyder

    Brian Snyder JORBA "Roaming Gnome" JORBA.ORG

    The Salsa is killer, and J's shop (Halters) will take care of you. I was looking at a Jamis Dragon 29er myself,...
  12. NJ-XC-Justin

    NJ-XC-Justin KY-DH-Freddy

    6th element and jdog -- great reco.

    The el mariachi 2 has a really nice spec for under $2K. Stans Arches, Reba SL with Maxle - nice. jodg your place is far for me, but 27 lbs for a moderately-spec'd steel 29er seems great:

    One of my local shops is a Cdale dealer, and although I'd rather have steel over alloy, I'd love a Lefty:

    Any feedback on the alloy Flashes?

    Westwood Cycle is a great shop and walking distance to my house, and they carry Giant and Spesh. The Giant XTC 1 is alloy but a decent spec for 2K and I know I can probably get a good deal by paying cash. Anyone a fan?
  13. Brian Snyder

    Brian Snyder JORBA "Roaming Gnome" JORBA.ORG

    I have a Giant, and they give you a great package (they hang a nice selection of parts off the frame) at your price point. J is a Giant, and C-dale dealer, so he would have a much better idea as to how they compare.
  14. I Ride Bikes

    I Ride Bikes Well-Known Member

    Bound Brook
    For me it was a toss up between the c'dale flash and giant xtc. The lefty was the deciding factor. No complaints with the flash. Both of those are about 2k.
  15. pooriggy

    pooriggy Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    i own a 2011 alloy flash that I'm very happy with. The frame is solid and can take some abuse.

    but your not going to get the same componants as that Salsa for under 2k if you go with cdale.
  16. NJ-XC-Justin

    NJ-XC-Justin KY-DH-Freddy

    Do you feel beat up with the alloy HT? I'd never get an alloy 26er HT but do the bigger wheels smooth it over enough?
  17. pooriggy

    pooriggy Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

    I've never owned a FS bike... HT is all I know. Having said that I feel fine on a HT. There are guys who use a FS 29er because they feel more comfortable in the tech stuff with it. You really have to choose for yourself HT or FS...its personal preference.

    29er wheels make it easier to ride the tech stuff because it rolls over rocks more effeciently. You can be a little sloppy with a 29er and get away with it. Not to say you can't be fast and smooth on a 26 but rather the avg. joe will have an easier time on a 29er when the trail gets rough.
  18. mattybfat

    mattybfat The White Shadow Team MTBNJ Halter's



    2 hangers
    $639 shipped

    x9 sram 2x10 gruopo
    $380 from secret source

    BB30 x7 crankset
    $115 ebay

    cables and shop fee for press fit

    Egro canecreek barends
    $15 ebay

    Had saddle, brakes, wheels and was giving some pork chop grips which I like, Thank YOU very much.

    Point is you do your homework and you can score some niceness...
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2012
  19. Dr Superb

    Dr Superb Active Member

    Branchburg, NJ
    I have a Alloy Flash, and its great. I really like the Lefty. Its fairly comparable to the Salsa that was recommended, but you will get a better wheel set IMO w/ the Salsa.

    If you were choosing between the two, there is no wrong decision.
  20. NJ-XC-Justin

    NJ-XC-Justin KY-DH-Freddy

    Yeah these are the two leading contenders for those exact reasons. I have a Stans 26 wheelset (350s laced to Hop Pro 2s) so I know how nice Stans wheels are. But a Lefty would be awesome, even if I had to get a new car rack (or attachment). Coming from rear squish I'm just worried about an alloy HT though. Maybe along with the bigger wheels, some big-ass tubeless tires would be enough to keep it pain-free.

    That Misfit is gorgeous, Matty, but I need front suss at least.

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