brake upgrade question


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i have a 2017 yeti sb5.5 with shimano xt brakes 180mm rotors front and rear, it is fine for trails but ones i get to the gravity parks im finding myself progressively getting more and more under gunnned. as i get faster my brakes are fading and just not cutting it. i want to upgrade to saints or hope v4s, leaning towards saints. will there be any sacrifices with either brakes while riding normal trails? this is my do it all bike and it needs to do everything, 6mr, allaire, creek, killington etc. would either be better suited for double duty compared to the other? ive heard the saints are grabby but is this something that has a learning curve, or will it make non gravity trails miserable?


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The only think which could be considered a downfall would be weight. Otherwise the 4piston braking will be fine.

You could also upgrade the rotors to 200mm and that will definitely add braking power to the current setup.

Maybe try that before you go all in. The larger rotors should cut down the fade.


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what are you running for brake pads?
I'm also doing the XT with 200mm rotors up front, Also have Saint M810s, but I did a dumbdumb move and cut the hose too short


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When's the last time you replaced pads ? I'm only running guides with 180 rotors but with full metallic pads and there fine for creek and everything else I've ridden


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How are metallic pads for trail riding when they don't get as hot? I have only ridden organic pads and am thinking of switching.