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Discussion in 'Female Riders' started by Dominos, Sep 14, 2016.

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    So six weeks after having a baby... typing from my phone, multitasking as usual...

    Got outside for the first ride yesterday. The real credit for that miracle goes to @Delish who held down the fort while I spent an hour working the inertia out of my legs.

    Workout plan the last few weeks has mostly involved yoga several days a week. Oddly I think the yoga has helped me maintain a certain amount of supplesse on the bike. Hasn't helped the legs or cardio at all, though obviously.

    I've also been making it out for the occasional run. First few felt awful, but it's been getting easier. 2017 might be the year of running for me.

    The first few weeks after having a baby, it hasn't been too bad finding time to run or do yoga. The baby sleeps a lot and I just bring up a yoga video for an hour. I'm usually already wearing my yoga pants anyway ;)

    Yoga has also been great with helping me regain pelvic stability, something essential for running and riding once the weather is warmer.

    Basically I have been trying to let my body heal, while still staying active... not rushing the running or riding for the time being.
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    @Dominos I saw your picture and you looked very happy! Kudos to you for getting back on a bike so fast. I waited 4 years haha. I think yoga is amazing for so many reasons, been trying it and man are my hips tight! One of the coaches that I met in BC is a yogi and she swears that it makes you a better athlete. You will have your body healed in no time!
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