Bike Tour to NJMBF from Rockaway

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  1. trailhead

    trailhead JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock JORBA.ORG

    Bike Tour...aka...Bikepack...from Rockaway to the JORBA NJ Mountain Bike Festival at Shepherd Lake in Ringwood State Park.
    Depart on Saturday 9/30/17 around 10am and camp out at Shepard Lake
    Registration required for Camping

    There will be.......singletrack, doubletrack, railroad grade, bridges, no bridges (stream fording), road riding

    There may be........wild animals, mud, bike pushing, confusion, frustration, laughing

    RSVP to trailhead #2 #2 at G mail dot com

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  2. trailhead

    trailhead JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock JORBA.ORG

    I have dry bags and straps to fully equip 2 more bikes, 1 extra tent and 2 bivies. You'll have to make your own arrangements for getting back to Rockaway on Sunday. Since I'm volunteering , will be staying late and getting a ride back home.
  3. soundz

    soundz The Hat Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Fort Lee?
    I am somewhat interested, but I need to before Saturday:

    - Fix my bike.
    - Get a bivy or sleeping bag that rolls up smaller than a 29" wheel.


    - I have no bike packing gear other than a bag that goes on my back.
    - Also not sure I'd want to ride to RW and camp in the rain.
  4. JRP581

    JRP581 Member

    Hay you did it again, that's me in the picture.o_O
  5. soundz

    soundz The Hat Team MTBNJ Halter's

    Fort Lee?
    Sorry, I started a project tonight that became a cluster-f*ck. It is not looking likely for me for this weekend.
  6. trailhead

    trailhead JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock JORBA.ORG

    If your on the fence, not sure, or need some guidance. I can be available Friday evening to setup your bike for Saturday.

    35 to 40 miles. You do need to be a strong rider, intermediate skill level on trails.

    What you need....

    Bike...we can make it work on most.
    Backpack...large camelbak or day hiking pack

    your normal riding kit
    Bathing suit
    Something to change into after the ride, including footwear....flips or sandles. Hangout wear for the fest. may want longs if your bag is thin.
    These will all go into a bag hanging off your seat.

    Sleeping bag
    A 40 deg bag is recommended, but a single sized fleece, bed spread or flannel sheet can do if you wear longs. This goes in a dry bag hanging from the bars.

    Sleeping pad...not needed. There are no rocks in ringwood. I have one for loan. Windshield sun screens or packing foams work well too.

    We can hit up a deli before camp, so you will not starve. I also have freeze dried meals which you can carry.

    Tent...I have one tent and two bivies for loan.

    I will supply for you:
    Dry bags
    Seat bag
    Bike repair guarantee on repairs
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  7. JimN

    JimN Well-Known Member Team MTBNJ Halter's

  8. liong71er

    liong71er Well-Known Member

    Have a safe journey brother!!
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  9. trailhead

    trailhead JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock JORBA.ORG

    Loaded up and ready to go.



    Because I run a small sized frame, the frame pack doesn't hold much as so I need to add the rear panniers for the needed capacity.

    Frame pack - tube, pump, tire repair, tools, small parts, front and rear lights.

    Bar mount - medium Revelate sweetroll with a 20 deg sleeping bag. Forecast was for 40 deg and wind, so I was little conservative here. One person tent wrapped in a plastic bag and strapped to the sweetroll.

    Fork cages - sandles, inflatable sleeping pad

    Cockpit - Garmin Montana, easy access pouch with camera, deterrent spray, snacks in the gas tank. Sweetroll hangs from Bar Yak mount.

    Panniers - stove, fuel, lantern, micro down jacket in a drybag, toiletries with extra room for food supplies.

    Pack - water, cook pot, food, first aid, rain gear.

    Dry bag - clothing

    The weight of the bike and all gear is about 50 to 55lbs.
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  10. clarkenstein

    clarkenstein JORBA Money Launderer JORBA.ORG

    did you pack a full tent on that or just a rain fly? with that much stuff on a bike, i figure you would want to go ultralight.
  11. trailhead

    trailhead JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock JORBA.ORG

    This setup is tailored to the trip. A casual all day touring ride through the best parts of North Jersey, with a comfortable sleep at the end of the day, ready to work the next day supporting the full tent and comforts.

    Ultralight is certainly appropriate for racing, or very long distances.
  12. liong71er

    liong71er Well-Known Member

    I have almost similar setup,except I go with woodstove instead fuel canister.
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