Best place to rent a qaulity DH/FR bike for MC


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Sold my DH bike last season and need to rent something for opening weekend at Mountain Creek. I know the mountain has GTs but was wondering if there was a better/cheaper option?

Ridetopia I think its called.. its a little shop on the left hand side that looks like a house right before the entrance to creek parking lot.
Yeah, Ridetopia has rental bikes that honestly lack in the quality department. Heavy and bland is how i remember them. The GT rentals aren't that expensive. Much less so than the Devincis.


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Damn it you people are useless! ;)

The Devinci and carbon GT are tempting but not for that price- especially since they don't include a lift ticket. It doesn't sound like Ridetopia has anything good to offer. Is there no other place around MC that rents quality bikes?
What size are you? I have a specialized big hit I ride once a year that I should sell. It's a medium and has upgrades. I think it's an 08 and it has a triple crown fork.