Bands for rollers


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Long story short I came across a 35+ year old roller in my parents attic. A few quick searches and I am not coming up with much, likely due to using the wrong search terms. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find new straps/bands? I tired to use surgical tubing but that didn't work out to well.
Description: Overall length is 52.5 inches, Rollers are 4.5 inches in diameter, front to rear roller is 36 inches, 5 holes along the side 1 inch apart (guessing to adjust for size of bike)


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Kreitler and Cycleops (Saris) sell belts. Even though they're round, they are considered belts.

This is one case where buying name brand is not a bad idea--you know they'll work, and the premium is fairly low, all things considered.


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I successfully used McMaster-Carr "Quick-Connect Hollow-Core Round Belting" on some very similar (identical?) rollers.
Something like this belt and this connector. I can't remember what diameter. 3/16" sounds right but it may have been 1/4". I'm sure you could tell by measuring the groove in the rollers.