Bagels & Bacon Short Track Race #1


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Saturday September 17th:

password: bacon

This is now open to the anyone. Class size is very limited (50) and there are very few classes (2, just men & women). I imagine this won't be open long for the men. Only 34 spots remain for the men's class.

Participation in this puts you on the first invite list for the second race, which will be Sunday October 9th. I also hope to have the MTBNJ/JORBA picnic that day. And maybe a little TM session. And group rides. That's just a mini-plan at the moment.

This should be a good race for anyone who wants to get themselves sharp for cross season. Failing that, it should be a lot of fun.

Price: $14. You can't get that anywhere.


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Trying to figure out if I can make it to the chapel on time if I race.:hmmm:

That'd be a LOT of driving from where I live.


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Yeah c'mon need to do this.

I'm in. I hesitated on this as I entertained thoughts of doing the tour of the adirondacks but this is closer, its cheaper and all my friends are gonna be there.

What exactly did i sign up for...I have no idea what short track is about, other than you go real fast and its over quick...kinda like rob's last date. ooooohhhh!!!!! (in my dice voice)


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I like that you are calling this "Eggs and Bacon", Iggy. What do you have against carbs??

Kegs and Eggs! Bagels and Lox!