Ask Norm Tuesday - 5/12

This is funny. At home we have our sides of the bed. On vacations, it somehow switches almost every time.
In my case on vacation it depends what side is better. Anyone ever get a bed in a hotel room where one side has plenty of space and the other is very close to the wall? Or am I the only one who notices this?


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Does this pertain to when she’s on her back on her stomach or both? And if it’s both when she flips over do you have to pick her up and toss her to the other side of the bed?

arent we supposed to ask you questions in this thread? and only ask them on Tuesdays? are the other days open for you to ask us questions? or are they supposed to be just idle time . . . . (i know im asking too many questions and on the wrong day, maybe ill remember to come back and ask on Tuesday)