Anyone interested in some skills training?

Discussion in 'First Timers' started by Gnick, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Gnick

    Gnick Member

    I'm a beginner/intermediate rider and have been riding as much as possible just to improve my conditioning and comfort on a bike. Recently I started a thread asking if anyone knew of any skills camps, and some members pointed me in the direction of @BiknBen who makes a living coaching. He doesn't have any camps coming up for men, but mentioned he could put something together for an hourly fee. The more guys we get, the cheaper it is for each of us.

    is anyone interested?
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  2. jerzey111

    jerzey111 Member

    Cliffside Park NJ
    i would be, need help with that manual
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  3. qclabrat

    qclabrat Well-Known Member

    interested, keep me posted
  4. Gnick

    Gnick Member

    ok - ill PM you guys an see if we can work something out later in the weekend.
  5. qclabrat

    qclabrat Well-Known Member

    sorry, I'm overseas for another week
  6. anthony grelli

    anthony grelli New Member

    What area of the state are we talking?

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