Any scotch/whisky drinkers in here?


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Had to crack open a gift bottle in the back. Nothing special, but still nostalgic, given this was my dad's drink. I don't know how many times I've snuck out a few ounces or mixed in water to his bottles when in HS. This scotch kinda sucks, the old man doesn't know his stuff. Dewar's is so much better IMO


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Buy it up, as you know it will be gone soon...
It's just crazy.
I remember when Yama 12 hit the shelves here and it was <$40/bottle.
Liked it at that price.
Then watched that gradually increase until the recent announcement.
Can still find it for under a hundred,
But I'll just get 2 bottles of bourbon instead thanks.
First bottle from Scotland is down. An incredible, young whisky. Less than 400 bottles distilled at Caol Ila. Bought along the Royal Mile, no less aka Edinburgh's Times Square. Looks light but the shaky hands shop keep was big on the "no color added." The slight oily texture is what sold me. Gentler peat and a wider flavor profile than a Laphroaig 10/quarter cask. IMG_20180919_202152.jpg