Any interest in a local swap meet?


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Hey All...

We have been talking about doing a swap meet at the shop at the end of the month. It started while speaking with a customer that likes the idea of a spring swap meet, but doesn't look forward to having to travel out to PA next month. Other people have expressed some interest as well...

Rough outline that we would like to do so far: We have room for about 10-12 spaces for 15x15 spaces....Looking at the last weekend of April, on Saturday the 28th, with a rain date of Sunday the 29th...$50 to rent a space (no dealers, please, and supply your own tent).... with ALL of the rental proceeds being donated to JORBA! We would also like to have some space for free for non-profit/info spots, like a JORBA tent, NICA, etc.

Is there any interest from the MTBNJ crowd? We thought that it would be nice to clear out the garage/shed of unused stuff, make the significant other happy going into the season, put some $$$ in your pockets, and support JORBA going into the season.

Comments? Questions? Ideas? let's here it! (You can also email me at