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Discussion in 'Allamuchy: North' started by JohneeOxford, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Kev

    Kev New Member

    Yeah I never knew where to go on lumpy bumpy until I happened to run into one of the people that have been riding there for a few years and now I actually know where the lines are.
  2. FitmanNJ

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    It was a little moist here and there, but mostly hero dirt. The biggest problem was the number of downed branches and twigs -- lot's of them. I removed as many as I could stand to stop for, but there are clearly more to avoid. Generally, these branches are the size that can flip up into your spokes (I think I did an emergency stop 3 or 4 times), or tear up a derailleur -- some are bigger. Be careful if you ride out there in the coming days.
  3. DanBrodeen

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    Stroudsburg, PA
    Thought I'd reach out here to any locals that might be interested in leading a ride at next weekend's Cranks Around the Campfire at Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation. Still could use a few leaders for the afternoon rides. PM me if you are interested. Free entrance to the event for the day of course! Thanks!
  4. phillychris498

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    Califon NJ
    Huge blow downs on white after the switchback climb but before getting to cardiac and on the huge downhill trail after ice cream in the H2H race. The one on white really requires a reroute, the one on the downhill trail might be able to be handled with a chainsaw
  5. Kev

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    Conditions were great today and I really love the snow in spots. The snowy downhills were lots of fun. Am I the only one who prefers mountain biking in the winter over the summer? Also I haven't been rickrolled too much, but I definitely got rockrolled today. I did not fall or anything, but I was all pumped to go down that rock roller on Lumpy Bumpy to then see there was a large tree laying a few feet off the ground across the trail right past the rock. There was also a tree about the same size laying across the trail on blue heading up from the Sussex Branch Trail (if you take the first blue entrance on the left heading from Waterloo) just so you all know.
    20161223_133731.jpg 20161223_133711.jpg
  6. phillychris498

    phillychris498 Active Member

    Califon NJ
    Glad someone else got to enjoy today's conditions too! The cardiac (purple) downhill was very well packed down with snow this morning, it was so fun I had to do it twice!
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  7. kidzach

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    Since I only seemed to notice 2 other tracks yesterday I guess we were the only ones out there. Conditions were very good. The hardest part was making your way through frozen patches/footprints on the Sussex Branch Trail. Once on the trails all was good. I'll give it a 5. Nice to meet you Kevin.

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