Allaire TM session 10/8 Thanks


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
Just want to say thanks to the crew that came out today to play in the rain...
We were able to split into 2 groups one group went in and worked on a few issues on Stellman while the other crew recrowned the entrance trail then both groups worked on some root issues on the blind trail.
our crew today consisted of these volunteers let me know if I got any of your names wrong.

Mike Confenti
Ozzie Alfaro
Chris Tryon
Matt DeFelice
JT DeFelice
David D. Matthew
Evan Kraft
Glen Kraft
Chris Barry
Justin Barry
Chris Cornell
L.A. Caprioni
Stephen Pinchac
Mike Tierney
Andy Robinson
Joshua Daly
Kathleen Daly
David Niemicroski
Howard Waters
Geoff McKaleter

Pictures to follow..