Allaire Group Ride, Saturday 2/10

Yup, we have a kids ride tomorrow that was scheduled to coincide with our Orange & Blue friends.

Depending which kids show up, and if they're layered correctly (cough @Christopher barry cough cough), these "kids" can normally cruise at an experienced adult-beginner pace.
Justin will be in shorts & a t-shirt:D Adult-beginner pace? MTBNJ just better step aside when they see these kids ripping down the trail:banana:


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Rigid SS for real? Trying to decide what I’m bringing as well. Compare these trails to Mercer?
Yes, for real. Mercer is the flattest place in NJ, followed by Allaire. Compared to Mercer, Allaire has more sand, a bit more climbing (but nothing crazy), less thorns, less geese, and therefore less goose poop.


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Great ride for sure. Thanks to Brian for leading our group and making sure none of the new-to-Allaire crew got lost. Great to meet a bunch of you, including the elusive unicorn! Looking forward to more rides in the future!
It was a fun group! Glad you were able to make it out @C8N @RoB @Howard @qclabrat @jmanic and Jeff, Ben and Charlotte. It was great to ride with new people from the board, put some faces to names, and introduce people to some awesome parks here in NJ. These rides wouldn't happen without all of you joining the thanks for coming out!!