Allaire Group Ride, Saturday 2/10


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The Superbowl is over, it's Monday at work, your car smells like a toilet from the ride in after a steady diet of wings and beer last night. However there is something to look forward to this weekend.
That's right the Allaire Group Ride Saturday morning. Legendary local Chris Gozick will be leading the ride with the ultimate flow loop. Allaire trails are beginner friendly and offers a lot of miles without much elevation or rock. Come out for this one and enjoy the trails with us.

I need help with this one, if you can lead or sweep lemme know.

Start: 9:30

Where: 40.141094,-74.122594 Hospital Road Lot Everyone parks here. Just park here, ok? Directions


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there's going to be a ton of people there... there are two other group rides happening at about the same time.