A Grand Bird at Mooch

Discussion in 'Allamuchy: North' started by phillychris498, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. phillychris498

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    Califon NJ
    Today, while riding at Mooch, I had an odd encounter with a bird. I went from Candy Ass to cardiac and then made a right onto the white trail, where I turned a corner and saw a magnificent bird in the middle of the trail. I immediately took out my camera and shot a few pictures of the bird from afar. I then got closer and closer, and decided that a close up shot would be a good idea. After that, I put away my camera and, to my disbelief, the bird was still waiting in the same position. I tried to startle the bird, clapping my hands and yelling, and it still wasn't budging. I got as close as two feet away from, moving slowly towards it, and I just then did I realize that the bird was a fake. I couldn't believe how badly I got played. I did decide to leave it there in hopes that someone else gets tricked the bird as well. Too funny!:D
  2. gtluke

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  3. DanBrodeen

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    Saw the turkey decoy today too! I too thought it was real until I got close. Went by it around 11:30am.
  4. Mike679

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    I had a similar experience at Nassua Trail in High Bridge this past spring. I thought someone put them on the trail as some sort of decoration (like the troll houses you see on Columbia Trail). Anyway, I realized they were fake after a few seconds and kept riding. A little later in the ride I come upon a hunter in full camo and face paint that made him look like a deranged clown. I stop to chat with him and he tells me (whispering the entire time) that he was watching me check out his decoys. It creeped me out, quite honestly.

    It was turkey season then, but I'd have to think that it's over by now, so I'm not sure why there would be decoys at Allamuchy.
  5. I Ride Bikes

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    Bound Brook
    That's funny! Agree. Pics! We know you have them. Any selfies of you sitting on it or something funny. Sort of a progressive flip book of you getting closer.
  6. mandi

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    Alaska State Troopers do this sort of stuff all the time. Placing bird decoys near the road hoping to attract hunters that shoot from the road, which is illegal.

    Clearly this is not the case for Mooch but totally reminded me of that! Is this supposed to attract prey for hunters?
  7. J-Dro

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    This is illegal in Alaska? Isn't that the same place where Sarah Palin shoots moose from a helicopter?
  8. soundz

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    Did it look something like this?

  9. stb222

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    Yes! I think it is time to bring her back. Who was it that was so offended the first time?
  10. pooriggy

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    i was offended by her^
  11. phillychris498

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    Califon NJ
    I've seen that guy during hunting season at nassau. He scares me to death, as I have looked to my left while riding and seen him in the distance. Just creepy. However, I never saw any of the decoys at Nassau.
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    and wolves.

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