7/9 Trail Maintenance


Team Bulldog Rider
You asked to build new trails at KVSP. Team Bulldog delivers!

We finally got approval to complete the switchbacks on White coming out of the parking lot on Goodale road!

When: July 9th, 8:00am
Where: Goodale Parking lot
What to bring: Study shoes, gloves, water, snacks, smiles for the new section of trail.

Lets get a big crew out there, the sooner we complete this section, the sooner we can more to other sections of the park.

Please post if you can make it.


Team Bulldog Rider
Drop by the park office to get any chain saw work done.

We will have our hands full next week getting the new section cut. I hope to get enough people that we knock out the new section in one shot.


Well-Known Member
Rode the new stuff tonight, well... the first 50ft. Also tree down on Blue trail, kind of a bad spot. At bottom of a fast chute or at the bottom of a short steep climb.


Team Bulldog Rider
For any large trees that are down, we need the park to take care of them. Please drop by the ranger house and let them know.

Working on the new section Saturday. See you there