6 Mile Run Conditions


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With all the rain we’ve been getting, there’s a high likelihood that anywhere you go, you’ll run into a mud section. And the freeze/thaw ain’t helping that one bit...
Stopped in the lot today. At least 10 cars parked, most with bike racks. I talked to one clown you came in with a muddy bike as I was there - he was a novice to trail riding and first time at 6mr - told him best to stay away several days after rain and now freeze-thaw will make a mess of it.


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I have never felt so guilty to be on a trail system in my life. To the point I stopped and went back and left. The blue section is DEMOLISHED...

This happens every year and it’s truly disheartening.

I drove by the canal lot and saw a bunch of guys suiting up around noon. I was sure it was a shit Show.

This is by far the absolute opposite of fun.

Spread the word. 6mr is basically off limits unless well below freezing for the foreseeable future.


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I went by there late morning and the lot was full and 80% had racks. Some over flow parking at the canal lot and by the look of their bikes, they were not riding the canal.
Rode by the canal lot and it was packed. First I thought there were tons of idiots out on the trails then noticed all the kayak racks on the cars - there was a kayak/canoe race on the canal:

I was wondering why there was so much traffic on canal road on a sunday morning, they had the causeway connector roads at Blackwell mills and griggstown closed.