6 Mile Run Conditions


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Stay away today. Damp and too much wind to be wary of falling branches. That wind, however, should dry it out for tomorrow. Gonna be chilly so shouldn't be crowded.


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Slippery, wet leaves and lots of mud. The new section on the blue looks like a swamp, it's worse that the old section it replaced...
Thanks for the reply. Got there about 3pm and just did a small ride. From 27 lot, red to orange and back . I use this section as a barometer, so I knew not to go any further. About 4 puddles (all avoidable)


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Bummer. I’ll make it right soon.
Yeah Jay , it looked like a swamp the other day with tons of deep cut tire marks. It's the portion where you come down the new drop in, right before the bridge you built. It was like an 8 or 10 foot section of deep mud..Also the turn portion exiting is very bumpy and needs to be raked smooth.. Let me know when you're going out again if I'm off I can come help for a while.