6 Mile Run Conditions

It's hard to get a sense of scale but the second one looks easily hop-able...and I am also confused as to where the long climb is at 6 Mile?
It is hop-able but in an awkward spot, coming around a corner and climbing you typically stay left but have to turn sharply right to get over it. If I had my silky saw I would've cut it out but forgot to put it back in my pack since Utah trip. And yeah, those tar pits are back before the last bridge on blue.


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conditions update from 7am thursday. absolutely awesome except for the typical spots (steel bridge, i'm looking at you!)

i also did some clean up with the silky saw on a few downed trees, thanks to some help from mike, ryan and carlos (not sure if you guys are on this site, but shout out nonetheless!)

will post pics later


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Big shout out to the 6MR hair cut crew!

The stone at the canal trail entrance is a nice touch.

Concrete bridge is all jammed with logs and such. Upstream side was high.