6 Mile Group Cancelled


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Well I can’t make it on Sunday but depending on how the radar looks tomorrow morning I may head there for an 9/9:30am ride if you want to join. Lot on Navesink Ave. Will post in AM if going or not.
I’m pretty sure I’m hitting Mountain Creek tomorrow, and then Hartshorne or Wayway on Sunday with Deici and Charles. Would be great if you could post conditions though if you go tomorrow.


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Sorry folks, the rain won out again. Given the wet conditions from previous days, plus current and forecasted rain we have to pull back.
We are working on rescheduling the group ride this month, hopefully you can make it. We will post up details once we firm things up. Stay tuned!
Is this still available?
PM sent.


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Oh, so you're thinking HS or WW :) I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing now. I'm waiting to see what actually happens tomorrow with the weather.
MC will be too muddy. How far do we have to drive for some only moist trails? I’ve been staring at the rain since 5am, asking it to stop. I may have to do a road bike later instead?!


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Very little rain has fallen at Hartshorne this week. Looks like a shower will pass through here in about at hour but it should still be pretty good. Usually, the rain just firms up the sand for a bit. There is rarely mud.


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I'm late chiming in for today, but go Allaire! Then ride to the beach for ice cream. Unless you're already at Hartshorne... Then have fun and still ride to the beach! : )