6 Mile Group Cancelled


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From what I know about 6-mile conditions.... even if it doesn't rain tomorrow.... I won't say it out loud. MC will be doable for sure I think... :cool:
As in Mercer County? I haven't been there since they closed it to doing a complete loop around the lake, but I remember it getting pretty muddy.


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Sorry folks, the rain won out again. Given the wet conditions from previous days, plus current and forecasted rain we have to pull back.
We are working on rescheduling the group ride this month, hopefully you can make it. We will post up details once we firm things up. Stay tuned!
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Uh oh! Now I have to think of something good. My suggestion was to reschedule for Sunday at Allaire. But I think there's a trail maintenance that day. Any opinions on this idea?
There is trail maintenance planned at Allaire at 8am on Sunday (8/5) and a ride afterward. Weather reports looks solid (Sunny, 89). Hope to see some of you there! :cool:
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I would suggest Allaire... local for me.. but I want to get out.. SOurlands? Awesome. . . Mountain Creek...hum....you mean DH or trail riding around there wickedsistaheast?
Green and blue trails, table tops and small drops work with my Stumpy. I’ll most likely do that.