31/31 ---> JULY 2017! CONTEST! WIN $100!

Jason, short answer is fuck yeah!! While I'm unlikely to be able to participate this year, I've greatly appreciated the dangling carrot you held in front of my face. I benefited greatly from it and I hope that others will rise up and take you up on your generous offer! Thanks bro


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J, glad you do this. I've tried this a few times (sometimes unsuccessfully)

It's been a nice goal. The picture requirement in years past was a great way to stop and enjoy the ride. Having to do an hour EVERY day makes you realize how hard it is, and how much imagination you need to come up with to make it happen.


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I'm going to give this a try this time, though I'm sure I'll falter before my annual trip to China in late July.
Getting a bike in China is easy, but between the flight, time difference and logistics, many be a challenge.
Planes usually leave mid morning from Newark which means I'll need to drive to the airport at 7AM and won't get to Shanghai till mid-afternoon the following day. Need to then hop onto a train to get to a neighboring city 2 hrs away and finally arrive some time around 8PM. I'll then have 4 hours left to keep my streak....