31/31 ---> JULY 2017! CONTEST! WIN $100!

Well I completed the challenge this morning and I want to thank @jdog for the inspiration. I'd also like to thank the folk that "liked" posts and for the kudos on Strava to keep me going. Last year I was able to stretch it out even longer and I will give it a go again this year. I guess this proves that you can indeed ride everyday if motivated, so I guess the real challenge is ignoring to lazy fucker inside all of us.....well at least the LF inside me. ;)



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Last ride in July 31/31 on the Mtb:
The Dying Raccoon Makes No Promises

41 rides, 57 hours, 985 miles

Riding everyday of the month is a challenge and makes me remember why I don't follow a training plan or something of the like. Was kinda hating the bike mid-month because of it after a few longer rides fell through and I was falling behind @Norm 's mega month. 7 hours short of making it to 400 hours on the year. I am also on a bit of a streak at the moment, riding every day since June 5th.

Thanks @jdog!


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That's a wrap for me too,
thanks again for this @jdog always a great time and a challenge! It's awesome what you do for the biking community.

So I did this in lurker fashion this year-
I wasn't expecting too much as I am rehabbing a knee.
This contest helped me with my goal to replace physical therapy with biking.
So far, it's working-
I have stopped taking pain and anti-inflammatory meds,
and it's feeling better than it was with PT. And the jerseys have gone from sausage casings, to not quite loose, but much betterer.

So no major mileage or hourage here, but some numbers for you.
5 - states
3 - bikes (mostly the HT, little bit on the cross bike and of course Citibikes)
3 - breweries I rode to, or near
(Trillium, Alchemist and Other Half)

Bunch of - rides with my wife, which was an awesome bonus.
3- rides with a friend who hasn't touched his bike in 2 years.
He now has a goal of hitting Kingdom next summer- I'm working with him on a training/skills plan to get him ready.

Now it's time to wash the HT and give it some tlc. It's been worked over like a rented mule. Aside from a little Stan's and a little chain lube, it's just been worked and put away dirty.

Congrats to all who gave this a throw, especially those that made 31.
And thanks again @jdog- see you soon.


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Day 31

I rode my bike at Nassau for a bit, then D joined me and we rode our bikes for a little bit more. I am tired, I won't lie. This has been a good driver to get my ass back on some sort of track but let's see what happens in August before we declare the Beatles bigger than Jesus. I laid down on the couch this afternoon and passed right out. That never happens. Well, not never, obviously.

July Challenge Day 31: Homer sleep now

13 miles


Days: 31
Rides: 36
States/provinces: 7
People ridden with: more than 4
Total time: 72:32
Miles: 778.4
Elevation: 59,836
Last year's total: 73:28

Somewhere in the mix I screwed up my last year total and in the end, didn't match it. Well, I can take solace in the fact that I hit my goal, but my goal was wrong. Whatever, zero fucks given. Too tired to care. How funny that I made fun of Jeremy's math today.


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Day 31 - Part I, Part II and Part III - I knew I had other things I wanted to do after work today, so I decided the best way to guaranteeI got the hour was to commute to work, ride over lunch and then commute home. Done ... and, well, done ...

Total Time: 77:30:02
Total Distance: 1,034.5 miles
Total Rides: 42

Thanks @jdog for the contest! It's been a mixed bag of a year for riding, but this month was a lot of fun and I enjoyed pretty much every ride ... even on the road!



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I've been light to post, but I've completed the 31 of 31 challenge. Way harder than it sounds and requires some extra planning to miss the rain and ride around work, trips, and other personal commitments. Legs have been sore since the first week, but I pushed through. Some rides were fast and longer than others, but I got them all in. Props and thanks to @jdog for running this. Got a quarter of my years riding goal (2000mi) in just in this challenge.

My legs are looking forward to a day off but I'm def looking to keep this momentum moving. Props to everyone else who pulled through and got all 31 in.

Post 31/31 ride photo.


Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/537746


My best attempt at a JimV type shot during today's ride.