2018 Short Track?


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Is this up on BikeReg yet?

Seriously though - will this be a thing again for next winter/spring? Just curious. Discuss...
We would like it to be. At this point we need to discuss details amongst the team. Weather in March is always questionable, registration can be spotty, man power for 4 consecutive weeks requires planning...these are some of the things we need to hash out. We appreciate guys like you and other cat 1 racers coming out every week, but as a mtb team we want to be sure our efforts are reaching a larger population then just 30 hard core racers.
We will post details as soon as they are worked out, stay tuned!


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Pretty sure none of the MTBNJ folk want to spend 700 hours clearing a race course for 20 people to show up. Unless you guys do, then, I'm in...
If we could keep the skinny tires off a nice groomed course then it's fat short track. But then 10 people would show.
We had that last packed snow before the snow blowers course in perfect shape but the skinnies killed it.