2018 MTBNJ Race Dates

Joe J

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It's the moment you have all been waiting for! MTBNJ Race Dates!

3/4: Short Track #1
3/11: Short Track #2
3/18: Short Track #3
4/22: H2H race: Mooch Madness
5/12: H2H race: Stewart Yet To Be Named new Race at Stewart

Some Notes

1. For now we are dropping to 3 ST races because racing in February seems cold
2. We are keeping the Stewart race but we need to dial back the big production of the 45. So we agreed to run an H2H race there

We should have some of these up on BikeReg shortly.

Is Mooch 4-21 or 4-22 ?


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Where can I find H2H schedule. Also looking for some adventure-ish rides, but not sure where to find this info. Is Stewart 6pack a six hour race? Is that still an event? Wouldn’t mind doing something epic like Wilderness 101 if there’s anything close.


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Ok.. trying to find the short track series on bikereg is that up yet? Any info on the short track stuff?? And what about stewart is that up yet?

Why not more stuff on Sundays also. Wish there was.

cheers !


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
Just a reminder, if you add the MTBNJ calendar to your google calendar or iCal or whatever, these dates will automatically pop up.
And this can be found on the Internet?
Asking for a friend.