2018 Monday Ride - IT'S STILL FUN WALTER!


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Be careful out there.
I was riding at 6-Mile yesterday and despite taking it easy and drinking like crazy, I started to feel the heat. About 3/4 through the full loop I started to feel sluggish. Then after helping some guy with a broken rear derailleur make a SS, I felt short of breath. Rode the rest of way at snails pace and walked any of the hills. Had the AC on full blast the whole way home but still felt lightheaded. Felt better only after jumping in the pool and laying down for a while. Never had an issue before in the heat.


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Who is in for Fun Monday?

I'm in the mood for white->gilbride->new orange->yellow (most)->orange->red (maybe)

This means no second swing through the lot.


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gotcha; this is one of the more gnarly parks, right? I remember that there are some steep road climbs in that area; the trails gotta be steep and twisty as well?