2018 MASS Prelim Schedule


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For those who are getting antsy about spring racing, this was posted on the MASS FB page

2018 Dates - still preliminary but here is what we have at this point. I am only listing the races that are pretty locked in with their dates. Although even these could change at this point.
Some races just can't get venue availability yet and others need to discuss date options before committing.

Sunday April 8th - Marysville Team Relay
Sunday April 15th - Rattling Creek Endurance Race
Sunday April 22nd - Trek XC Spring Classic at Fair Hill
Sunday May 20th - Round One Enduro Opener
Saturday June 9th - Ramsey's Revenge XC
Sunday June 10th - Trailmix Endurance and Enduro
Saturday June 16th - Challenger XC
Saturday August 25th - Big Elk XC and Endurance Finals at Fair Hill

As I said - I am only posting what we are pretty sure on for now. I will add to this as others nail down their dates.