2018 H2H Race Series


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
I raced fat bike open at Ringwood for cat 2 but there is no category next to my name. How do unresolved this. Great ride at a great park!
Looks like the cat title is at the bottom of one page and your name/stats start on the next. You're under the fat bike 1/2/3 group.

Edit: I don't believe they separate each individual class. All lumped together, no?
Sorry... I was looking at the PDF version.

Day of license vs yearly?

Sorry... That's all I got. :/

I'll let the promoter step in now.
That's probably it. USA Cycling is being a bit weird on how they are showing results for annual vs. one day licenses. They used to show everyone, they just didn't assign points if you didn't have an annual license. Now, it's a little confusing - if you create a free account, you can "claim" your results. Someone else told me that they used to have an annual, but they don't this year, and their results are listed, so ...

Either way, that doesn't affect your H2H points. Those will always be the same, annual or one day license.
@Team Town Cycle - How was the overall turn out for this event? How many total racer / participants...

I saw a few social media post of racers friends from Maryland and others that usually race MASS rather than H2H... So it looks like Ringwood drew people in from further away
Our numbers were down a bit. Pre-reg was a little lower than usual. Not as many "day of" registrations (percentage wise) - the weather definitely hurt us there. When the weather is nice, you definitely get more day of registrations. A bunch of no-shows (wimps! :)). We had someone come all the way from Maine, for goodness sake! Of course, he said they still have snow where he lives, so ...

All you can do is try to put together a good course, and it's a bit of a crap shoot from there, right?